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Is UAE Not Ready for Real Stormy Weather?

Dubai Sheikh Zayed Road
Sheikh Zayed Road 8th April Dusty Rainy Weather Conditions.  Photo Copyrighted@HassanAlJabri
You may wonder why there is so much of talk, warnings and news in UAE about coming weather conditions or what  has already been happened in the last days of stormy weather, which in my opinion for a very long time, the UAE never experienced a real bad weather. 

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Al Raha - Abu Dhabi, Cloudy Day.  Photo Copyrighted@HassanAlJabri
Back in June 2007 the super sonic cyclone Gonu, affected only one part of UAE and that is in Fujairah. Read more from Encyclopedia. Where as Oman was badly hit as it was near the main path, but mind you it was not under the eye of the storm, as for UAE it was like just minor of the path of the storm.   How about if it was under the eye of the cyclone Gonu.  God Help us all. 

Al Rashidiya, Opposite Airport Road Dubai, Nov 2012 heavy Rain.
Photo Copyrighted @HassanAlJabri
Take example of the last week 5th-7th April 2013, "stormy weather" as branded by the local news here in UAE. But for me it was nothing, as I monitor each day from more than 5 online news weather channels, and it was just a minor path of the main eye of the bad weather, which was much affected Iran and Pakistan coastal areas. The heavy cloudy conditions started around the Gulf sea and it was like on and off formation where the main path of the storm was near the coastal area of Iran upto the mainland near the city of Sherazi. 

In short, what we have witnessed it was nothing other than just a high wind, light rain with minor heavy in few seconds only, dusty air and light thunderstorms here and there.  And what happen?

Let's see the people who live in this part of UAE, for those who lived for long time, may never used to such weather as result very rare to take any precautions  or do anything other than just let it be.
Mamzar Beach Dubai on Rainy Day.  Photo copyrighted@HassanAlJabri
Drivers; what's wrong with those who drive so fast in wet condition? are they are out of their mind?.  Do I have to feel sorry when they already overtake me with vrooom!! speed and left my windshield with wet dusty mud like dirt, to find them pile up in accident after few minutes ahead and I pass them with my caution speed, cio, byeee.....

I was really surprised next day to hear from the radio while driving along the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, the number of accidents reported in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates. Come on people, it was just a minor and a tail of the storm that was passed over the UAE on 7-8th April 13, what about if it was the eye of the storm?

Low cloud passing along Sheikh Zayed Road Dubai.  Photo copyrighted @HassanAlJabri
Streets drainage, cannot handle even the rain from the tail of the storm, what about if it was from the eye of the storm? I think we will travel by boat along the Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai and other parts of the city streets of the UAE. 

As experienced observer of the weather predictions, I find hard to believe why UAE suffer much of the reported accidents and flooded streets just from a such weather.  I said again, UAE for a long time not experienced a very bad weather, from all observations  I have done for the last 15 years, all I witnessed was just normal conditions to a bit of high alerts one.  

Low passing Cloud - Dubai. Photo copyrighted@HassanAlJabri
Sure we pray to God, not ever to witness such weather in the future but what if will happen? Are we ready for it? If those empty headed drivers during the rain drive like crazy, how they will coupe up with severe weather? I think we need to prison them for the day or two for their own safety and others.

Also I find out there is no tendency of warning in advance about coming weather here in UAE from the local weather organizations or from the news, all you will hear just one day before it happen.  I remember I monitored Cyclone GONU back in 2007 from 26th May 2007 and I warned my friends I work to watch for that particular cyclone, then only on 31 May and 1st June was all over the news.

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