Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dubai Expo2020 Fiction Story

From 27th Nov 2013 right after 8:30pm Dubai is never ever the same again. It was officially selected in Paris to host Expo2020. Everyone celebrate for different reasons, and there is 7 years road ahead to make Dubai Expo2020 a real success.  

The Main theme for the Expo2020 is "Connecting Minds, Creating the Future" Dubai already achieved this before even selected to host Expo2020. 

Dubai Skyline under cloudy day

Update: October 25th 2013:
Hi there, here we go again, one quite morning, I sat in my room and with so much news about possibility of Dubai bid to win Dubai Expo2020, this really occupied my mind.

Few of you may know that I'm the author of my very first inspiration book titled "Gangnam Inspiration" and Fiction adventure story based in Dubai titled "Dubai 2050 City of Gold Survivors" in three parts:
Part one "The Dead End Sea" 
Part Two "Unforgiving Desert and Beyond",
Still working on last episode part three " The End of The Beginning"

Back to my room, it came into my mind why not writing another fiction story based in Dubai during, Dubai Expo2020 era (In the future).  I have all initial ingredients to my story. Characters, plots and twists to the story which may take me one year or more to complete.

I do not wish to spoil the flavor of this unique story in making about Dubai Expo2020.  I thought of it even before Dubai officially selected to host Expo2020.   The story will connect all previous Expos that held in different cities from around the globe including the Expo Milan 2015 in Italy.  (Feeding the planet, energy for life.)

Well, since my fiction story will take place few months before the event so I will need to take into consideration Expo Milan that will be held in 2015.

I will update more about the progress.  Thank you for reading this introduction. For all your booking needs on flights and hotels visit Dubai Travel

Hassan Al Jabri
UAE based Author & founder of
Excellence in Motion