Monday, December 8, 2014

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Dubai Forums connect with the city - Trip ila Dubai

Dubai where to stay, hotels booking made easier - Trip ila Dubai

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Dubai is expanding, when visiting - Where to stay? Where to book hotels?

Safiri 2 Stay page at Trip ila Dubai website is an excellent Dubai Location Information and categorized hotel booking search boxes powered by
Dubai Creek - A view of Deira Side of the Creek.  Photo
Anyone planning to visit Dubai will face a challenging situation to find where to stay in Dubai either visiting for few days or a week or even a month.  Issues like travel budget, location and easy access of transportation, tourist attractions, all are to be taken into consideration. 

At Trip ila Dubai we made it easier for you to decide two things:

FIRST: Location, where to stay in Dubai.  From the link below you will learn about the locations that categorized by Trip ila Dubai into 3 districts according to several factors.
SECOND: Proudly in partnership with brings you vast choices of hotels room rates in any part of Dubai to select from. These hotels are current and as per the season. The best part is when you place your travelling dates, the travel search will send you results of all available hotels and room rates from different resources of well known travel search engines / websites.  It save you time and budget on hotel room rates.  When you find suitable hotel in Dubai or anywhere around the globe, after selection, it will send you to the concern travel booking site.  
 With over 18 years in Dubai, Trip ila Dubai took care to deliver the right to the point information about the locations in Dubai and in partnership with for delivering the current, lowest and yet best room rates for the hotel of your choice in Dubai.  

Find out more from below link, and do not hesitate to try the hotels search boxes.

Dubai where to stay, hotels booking made easier - Trip ila Dubai

Monday, September 8, 2014

Dubai where to stay, hotels booking made easier - Trip ila Dubai

Downtown Dubai - Souk Al Bahar -  Copyrighted@TripilaDubai
Booking online is a way forward and where we are at the moment, very rare that you and me, find ourselves book a hotel with a travel agent or over the phone. 

We at the Trip ila Dubai in partnership with decided to make it easier for those traveling and plan to book online hotel in Dubai.

Trip ila Dubai with vast experience in Dubai, and located in Dubai, we presented to you areas / districts of Dubai.  So that your decision of where to stay in this metropolitan and fast changing city is not that challenging.  We have explained the locations, as you can learn more in below link, according to high tourist attractions, high rates , expensive and low rates areas. 

Then when you decide, we tailored made Hotel Search box for that particular area of Dubai you wish to book a hotel.  Powered by hotelscombined, rest assured that your online booking is safe, secure and possible of getting the best rates live during your search. 

What's more you wish.  Join us also at Trip ila Dubai so that we can assist you further.  

Click below link: 

Dubai where to stay, hotels booking made easier - Trip ila Dubai

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Trip ila Dubai - A Unique Social and Info website on Dubai - UAE

Connecting you with the World's Greatest City

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Welcome to Trip ila Dubai. 

The word “ila” in Arabic means “to”, and the Trip ila Dubai community website aims to show you the world's most breathtaking city in its most personal and detailed form – without forgetting its beautiful Arabic roots.

Dubai is a thriving metropolis with a spectacular skyline, located in the heart of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). In recent years, the city has rapidly emerged as one of the most modern business and cultural hubs the world has ever seen.  Dubai selected to host Expo2020 in the year 2020. As results construction, business, employment, opportunities, tourism, all are in booming phase. 
Ibn Battuta Gate Hotel  - Photo copyrighted
With so many places to visit, and so many activities to experience, simply knowing where to get started with your Dubai journey can be difficult.

The Trip ila Dubai social website is a welcoming online environment where you can learn more about the city, connect with local experts, befriend travelers with similar interests, ask questions, start a group, sharing photos, exchange links, live video and more. Even make use of the various tips and guides on offer to help you get the most out of the city Dubai.
Atlantis Hotel - A view from Sofitel Jumeirah Palm Island - Photo
Rest assured is the best platform for all businesses in Dubai – UAE, such as travel agents, travel and tours, hotels, event management,  private tour guides, to showcase their expertise free of charge, as we take care on all marketing of the website to attract more members. 

So, join the growing community at Trip ila Dubai, and become acquainted with the world's most exciting city, its friendly people, and its limitless potential.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

UAE Tires Safety Road Show

UAE Tires Safety Road Show 
(UAE TSR Show)

""When you want to catch fish, you need to be at sea or river and move away from the mainland""

""You cannot be a fisherman, if you have never been at sea""

In addition to a wide spread awareness in social media networks and all over the internet, still one need to go out there and promote the road safety - in this case on Tires Safety to drivers on the UAE road who are probably most of them not even have time to sit in-front of PC or laptop, let alone if they have one and read / learn all awareness that we all promote. 

I'm planning to raise the awareness in even more effective way on the UAE road itself. From young to old, from saloon to container vehicles drivers, I will reach to them with a well plan safety message on safety tires of their vehicle.  
The UAE Tires Safety Road Show will be covering most part of the busy roads of the country covering more than 1,700km and about more than 25hrs drive depends on traffic and stops.

When: Not decided but will be this year 2014 

1st Route: From Abu Dhabi, Al Gharbia, Al Ain upto Ras Al Khaimah.


2nd Route: From Ras Al Khaimah, Um Al Quwain, Ajman, Sharjah, Dubai and back to Abu Dhabi . 

I will update on the progress.  Please watch for #UAEroadsafety in tweeter and facebook. 

Hassan Al Jabri