Thursday, June 30, 2011


Nature / Weather, am so interested with and find myself become a weather man for my company staff. In UAE there no much weather activities as in any part of the Middle East, and it was kind of boring for me nothing un-usual to report though I did informed about dusty wind, rain, sea condition, fog, and hail storms in Dubai or Abu Dhabi before the weekends.

Years passed by and in recent times there were many un usual weather activities in UAE, and in Middle East in general.  Is it Global warming?  Well who knows. But both Dubai and Abu Dhabi and other parts of the country received a good amount of rain and even caused flooding. 

You can read more about Dubai weather from DUBAI WEATHER UPDATE

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Dubai-UAE-Weather-Photos — Dubai travel guide useful city information

GITEX TECHNOLOGY WEEK - GITEX Technology Week 9-13 October 2011

Dubai Airshow 2011

One of the regional famous show in in Dubai.

Dubai Airshow 2011

Explore the Emirates: Then and Now

Interesting Video about History of UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, when emirates United at Union House in Dubai.

Explore the Emirates: Then and Now

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dubai and Hollywood - First Mission: Impossible Trailer Online | Movie News | Empire

The first movie filmed in part of Dubai and at the tip of Burj Khalifa, current tallest tower in Dubai is Mission Impossible 4 : The Ghost protocol. Film maker from Hollywood keep finding new landmarks around the world for their next big movie and Dubai was perfect choice.

When release in December 2011, Dubai The New World Landmark will impress millions of viewers around the world when watching the mission impossible movie featuring all time favorites actor Tom Cruise. At the end of the trailer from link below, you will see how the Burj Al Khalifa shinnig and so perfectly focus in the camera and your screen. Imagine when you will see on big screen, wow, Burj Khalifa in Dubai will never be the same again.

Indeed Dubai manage to invest itself by allowing such a mega film to be shoot at the Burj Khalifa and in Dubai. As I said Dubai is the New World's Landmark and anyone
will not want to miss the opportunity to visit this great City.

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Watch Trailer from Below link:
First Mission: Impossible Trailer Online | Movie News | Empire

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi is a symbol of UAE.

In this video from Gulf news, you will find a details of Mosque, excellent video.


gulfnews : The Shaikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Mission Impossible 4 trailer 'leaked'

Tom Cruise, in Dubai with Burj Khalifa the tallest tower in the world.

gulfnews : Mission Impossible 4 trailer 'leaked'

Dubai Metro, one of the safest in the world

Find out more from below link:
Dubai Metro, one of the safest in the world

Trip ila Dubai e-newsletter — Dubai travel guide useful city information

The new e-newsletter one page for which useful to find quick info and link for each different subjects on each issue.

Trip ila Dubai e-newsletter — Dubai travel guide useful city information

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Liwa Date Festival

Summer in UAE and in the Middle East is the month of Dates, these dry fruits are raped to be harvested during the Summer.

These unique fruits grow in Arid warm hot weather, with less water around. But are sweet and come in different kinds.
There is a Festival in Abu Dhabi every happen under the name of Liwa Festival. Liwa is a one of the location thats festival taking place.

Read More here:
Liwa Date Festival

UAE tourism sector set to double in 14 years

Downtown Burj Khalifa & Souk Bahar
Photo credit : H Jaberi - points2deliver

When I read the article appeared in 13th June 2011, from Emirates News - 24/7 caught my attention. Tourism in UAE will even grow further in coming years. And that is exactly the plan of UAE government the country to be one of the best preferred tourist destination in the world.  I traveled around the world, and anyone if asked me, where you come from, if I reply I came from UAE, it seems no one knows much about it, but as soon as I mentioned "Dubai" they immediately know where I come from.

This news about tourism in UAE to double means that, more and more visitors will mark UAE as their next tour destination. Also More Choices of attractions to visit when one visit Dubai, it is difficult for visitors to decide about their travel plan and where to visit during their tour in UAE, in the city of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other emirates.  And world wide web offer millions of websites about information on UAE and Dubai in particular.  Users as results manipulated to get information from 2nd party or third, instead direct from the source.  Most of the websites will never give you direct websites of the information you seek about Dubai, UAE. Instead, they will transfer users to 2nd party either to get more confirmation, booking for tours, booking hotels and other info.  Why I will need to book a hotel from the the 2nd party instead to book directly with the hotel?

Anyway, I think this is a good news about tourism increase in the future for tour operators, hotels, shopping malls, tour websites and other tour activities that will be benefited from the influx of millions of UAE visitors. 

Find more info about DUBAI and More Info. from 

More News from Emirates News about the subject:
UAE tourism sector set to double in 14 years - Emirates 24/7

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Dubai Summer Surprises

Dubai Summer Surprises is one of the strategy to keep Dubai as the most prefer city to visit event during the warm hot season.
As there many promotions and children activities this event proof to be successful over the years. Instead number of visitors decreased during the summer, it increases and hotels are once more booked again though still you can get for a cheaper summer room rate. All major malls are participating in this event for promotions and activities in the mall. Rarely there is any outdoors activities during the
Dubai Summer Surprises, as the weather not permit. But still you will find the city decorated with lights and Summer Surprises Mascot - Modhesh all over the city.

Kids are the main focus of the event, each shopping mall conduct different activities for children, shows, competitions, quizes and lots of gifts to be won. At the same time almost all shops offering huge discounts in some of the items.

Get more Info from here:

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Dubai Shows Attractions

We hope you will enjoy reading our new page that added today.
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Dubai Shows Attractions — Dubai travel guide useful city information

Thursday, June 16, 2011

UAE ranked 33rd peaceful country in the world, US 82nd - Emirates 24/7

Plan to visit Dubai? Rest assure you come to the right place as it is one the safe city which belong to UAE that is ranked 33rd in the world.


UAE ranked 33rd peaceful country in the world, US 82nd - Emirates 24/7

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

gulfnews : Dubai jobs website sold for $9m to India-based investor

There is a message here, that Dubai and UAE in general is booming, the whole region in five years to come will create thousands of jobs. Is it too late to apply and consider living in Dubai and work, instead of visiting only? No.

Do your research for the region and what kind of post you seek, and find that dream job in the city where breaking all world records and will be the major tourist destination in many years to come. "Dubaijobs" website sold for US$9m is insane, but that investor done his homework very well and it will pay off in years to come.

More information you will find from this link: Dubai Career & Jobs

And Also about the deal of the jobs website you can read more from below link from Gulf News.

gulfnews : Dubai jobs website sold for $9m to India-based investor

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Dubai - UAE Weather Update

Monday, June 13, 2011

Abu Dhabi Corniche gets Blue Flag certification

Just five years ago, Abu Dhabi corniche was not even categorized as a beach or place to visit other than just walking or jogging. Abu Dhabi is the capital city of United Arab Emirates where Dubai is the second largest city.
Abu Dhabi Corniche. Photo credit: H Jaberi@copyrighted

I Must say Abu Dhabi Government done a great job at the Corniche, worked started two years ago and turn out to be the best beach to visit, in which Abu Dhabi they never had that before. 
Beach with life guards on duty, shades for min charges, chairs, showers on the beach and clean toilets. Round O'clock security beach guards. Safe for family and couples. Beach is clean with white sand. The only not to expect is the waves as the beach is not direct with the main ocean as beaches in Dubai. There is a Lulu Island and wave breakers around it.

There is a section to enter for a entrance fee of about less than US$3.00 where there is beach shade and other facilities and another section is for free, but still one can use the showers from the public toilets located not far from the beach. Coffee shops and other outlets sell refreshments so not to worries if you feel need to have a snack or a drink.

Lulu Island Photo credit: H Jaberi@copyrighted

The Beach - Abu Dhabi Marina. Photo credit: H Jaberi@copyrighted

gulfnews : Abu Dhabi Corniche gets Blue Flag certification

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Sunday, June 12, 2011

The Resort - Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Dubai is truly a city of maximum luxury that you will not experience anywhere else.

We always offer a direct link to the source to explore the resort and even book direct with the resort. Located on west side of the Palm Jumeirah in Dubai with excellent views of Arabian Gulf.

Explore below Link
The Resort - Jumeirah Zabeel Saray

Employers and Workforce in Dubai

Employers and Workforce in Dubai — Dubai travel guide useful city information

Dubai tours, activities & things to do in Dubai | Private

When you plan to visit Dubai; three weeks might not be possible to enjoy all activities and places to visit. But with well planned vacation to Dubai, you can enjoy all major attractions within 3 - 7 days of staying in this vibrant city.

You have to know that city of Dubai is divided into sections and even more because of vast developments. One cannot just walk from one point to another, some kind of transportation will be required. Either by Taxi, Metro or by Abra - boat crossing the Dubai creek.

Malls in Dubai are huge and you can spend maybe half of the day in each mall. Just by visiting Downtown Burj Khalifa, in this area they are about more than 5 major attractions, the Burj Khalifa tower itself the tallest tower in the world, Dubai Fountain, Dubai Mall inside there is water zoo and park, biggest aquarium and just wonderful to walk around the area too during the month of Nov - March as weather is not that warm.

Dubai tours, activities & things to do in Dubai | Private

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Souk (Market) at Madinat Jumeirah Resort - Dubai

        It is one of the best Old Souk look alike in Dubai and the best to shop in the mid - afternoon Dubai Summer Heat. Located along Jumeirah Beach road end of the street right after Burj Al Arab. 

Old souk welcome all visitors if your are one of the guest hotel, visitor or residence. 

Find out more from the link.

Jumeirah: Madinat Jumeirah Resort — Dubai travel guide useful city information

Dubai Attraction- Wild Wadi — Dubai travel guide useful city information

Dubai Attraction- Wild Wadi — Dubai travel guide useful city information

Jumeirah Mosque Visit in Dubai

Grand Jumeirah Mosque in Dubai which located at near the beginning of Jumeirah Beach Road from Dhiyafa Street. The only Mosque in Dubai open for visitors / tourist Muslims and No-Muslims. And can be arranged by "Open doors. Open minds" at Centre for Cultural Understanding which initiated by Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum. Dubai is proud to introduce visitors to the culture of UAE and Islam.

More details about the visit you will find from below link.


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

gulfnews : Cultural diversity deadline extended to January 1 for private firms in UAE

Cultural Diversity: UAE moving to the right direction. It was really disturbing to find out many of the private companies hired only those nationalities where either from the owner nationality or hiring manager favour some nationalities. At last will be over by Jan 2012 Thanks Ministry of Labour - UAE and also I hope it will ban all those jobs ads which mentioned "only so and so Nationalities to apply" that is not right

gulfnews : Cultural diversity deadline extended to January 1 for private firms in UAE

gulfnews : Dubai leasing guide for June

In Dubai there are lots and lots of properties to select from different parts of the city of Dubai, and each one is different than another in rent and kind of property.

Either you stay for few weeks, months or years here is the guide can assist you to decide and guide.

gulfnews : Dubai leasing guide for June