Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Be Part of It! | Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE

One Destination, 
Where World Meets 
Become One Nation
- Hassan Al Jabri
Support Dubai Expo2020, Dubai is capable and actually already done it, is like participating Expo for sometimes now with all activities going on in the city and flocks of visitors from all around the world visiting Dubai. We are all confidence that Dubai is much able to host EXPO 2020 and receive even more visitors from all over the world. 

Is Dubai ready to host the world? oh yea, ready from now, with 7 years to go, so much can be done even to be prepared. City of Dubai is improving very month leave alone after few years. 

From road network, hotels, public transport, security, vast opportunities and lot more, these all are very well established with strong base. 

I participated in "Be Part of it" in the text category and my entry was selected out of many others submitted and appeared in Dubai Expo2020 official website for public voting.
((Updated: 25th Oct 2013 - Voting already closed))

Therefore, I ask valuable seconds of your time to open below link and vote my entry.  Thank You for Your Support. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

Rains fill up more than 50 dams in UAE

The above heading from one of the well known news paper in UAE based in Dubai catch my attention. 
Dubai Weather in March  - copyrighted photo @Hassan Al Jabri

Well, we are still in summer, or just enter the end of it, end of August and September is like fall before winter in United Arab Emirates, but hey, we do not have fall here.  Anyway back to rain that filled more than 50 dams in UAE, but from where, and how come, rain in August and September? No way, during this time rain is very less to zero. 

What I'm trying to point out is that, anything is possible, though I was surprised but at the same time I appreciate the unique nature in action that we witnessed this year in UAE. And yes, indeed what a blessing such heavy rainfall to receive between August 29 - Sept 15, that is a bit strange time for rainfall in Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah and other cities in the UAE. Quote from article -

"According to meteorologists, August and September are among the driest months of the year. The winter season, from January to April, witnesses the heaviest rainfall."

Khorfakhan UAE
Clouds forming above the city of Khorfkhan - UAE. Photo by Fahem Al Obathani

We use to monitor weather in UAE almost everyday, from more than five online live weather channels but not a single one predicted about rain and even the UAE National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology saw it coming or at least mentioned one day before.

That's why we Muslim using word "Insha'Allah" meaning 'God's willing" You can find more info from here. When we predict weather, promise something to happen in the future and so on.  Unfortunately, some Muslims abuse this word just to get excuse or to avoid compromise to fulfill a promise, so they will just say "Insha'Allah" without making a true promise, as result many non Muslim when they hear someone say this word in their conversation, they are like not taking seriously. 

Anyway, back to the weather phenomenon that happen recently in UAE during the end Aug and early Sept. 2012, indeed it was a blessing, as this part of the world very rare to receive such rains.  So no matter how science is close to predict the weather accurately there is a always surprises awaits us, can be a good one or a bad one, in this case is a good one that fills about 50 dams in UAE.

Hopefully more UAE will receive more rain this year 2012 and early next year 2013, as 2010/11 was not that good - too dry. 

Thanks for reading,  more article from---> Gulf News

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