Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jeddah, Dubai hotel occupancy rates soar in June - Travel & Hospitality

Well, am not surprised, as many visitors are from nearby countries and they find no reason to travel so far to enjoy their holidays. Many years ago one cannot find facilities to enjoy their holiday either in Dubai or Jeddah. But I will refer more to Dubai, Once no much hotels choices to choose from, less shopping malls, no major attractions, less road networks and public transportation.

But at present, I can say Dubai is all year round destination. There are more than 200 hotels to select from two to seven stars hotels, choice is yours. Many major attractions are in place and the one stand tall is Burj Khalifa. Many major shopping malls, where one can visit and enjoy all day in the mall, road network are in place and still improving, public transportation is everywhere, from Dubai Metro, public buses, taxis and water taxis and soon tram will be introduce around the city.

Heat in summer or not, there is no reason if you can not to visit Dubai - UAE.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

No expat quotas for UAE, says Dubai Police chief

Time of confusion rush in, when one looking for a job in any of the Gulf countries, and while in recent times we keep hearing about Emiratization, Saudization or Omanization, these all terms came up when Government insisted that priority to hire citizen on any jobs that they qualified and perform well in public and in private sectors.
Saudi Arabia implemented tougher rules such as introduce quotas to be met for private to hire Saudi Nationals or else facing heavy penalties. But good news that UAE will not follow that according to the Head of Dubai Police. UAE economy and country progress in many fields more than any GCC country second to Qatar now. So keeping such tough rules to private sectors, will hinder the progress, is either not enough UAE National to take over the job or less qualified to perform the job. Any country should keep priority to their citizens to be hired first, it is not right to see qualified citizens are jobless while jobs are filled with experts. 

Since UAE economy and progress is on going, more Jobs in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other cities will still be created and will be available for both UAE Nationals and Experts to fill in. In a long run, jobs in Dubai, UAE will increases and more workforce will be required to fill in. It is true many were affected by the last economy crisis, and left the UAE , but that is the part of life, ups and downs, so when all those who enjoyed and forget themselves and spent thousands from the salaries which they earn while working in Dubai or any other part of the UAE, and some of them even do not deserve to earn such huge monthly income, will immediately start to curse the country and forget where they come from and how they were in good times while in UAE.

No matter what you heard and what happened, do not under estimate your chance of being hired in UAE as an expert. Life is about taking a chance, and what a chance will be if one getting a good job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or from any other Emirates. Good Luck.

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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Destination Dubai Daily News

Pick point information from several tweets and blogs, and kept all in one place for you.

Enjoy reading everyday Destination Dubai Daily News:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Trip ila Dubai e-newsletter- Ramadan in Dubai

     Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi. Photo credit: Hasan Al Jaberi

Fourth Issue is out and focus on the holy month of Ramadan. And if in case you visit Dubai or any Muslim country, what you suppose to know about this Muslim holy month of Ramadan that is observed each year.

UAE is muslim country and Ramadan is observed with all the respect in effect. Be cautious and enjoy your holiday in Dubai during the month of Ramadan.

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Dubai Outdoor Markets "Souks"

From the month of October to March, that is six months of less warm and nice weather with lots of  outdoors activities in Dubai and the whole country United Arab Emirates. City become even more active and more events, exhibitions, functions and Festivals are held during this period.

The Walk, Jumeirah Residence. Photo Credit: Hasan Al Jaberi
Many of the walk friendly streets, beach and parks become alive again during the all day in Dubai. Not like in Summer were streets cafe shops and parks are empty as blazing hot warm sunny days and dusty winds covered the city. One of the outdoor activities took my attention is Covent Garden Market which is held at the beachside location of The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai Marina. This street market is open to the public from October to end of May.

The Walk at Jumeirah Beach Residence, known as New Dubai, is a place where one can enjoy walking and enjoy fresh breeze of Arabian sea. With the street market in winter months, it add more fun at The Walk such as shopping outdoors or just enjoy the view of the market and other activities around.

You can learn more about Covent Garden Market below:

Star Wars in Dubai?

    Dubai skyline. Photo credit Hasan Al Jaberi

Dubai is one of the city in the world which is still young and keep growing with new attractions every few months. Dubai managed to bring something new, and as a human nature once in a while needs to experience, hear or see something new in life. This is including even change of leaders in any country.

Movies industries directors and now even artists all target Dubai for their next block buster movies / arts. Star wars the most famous and long time series also already depicted with Dubai city backgrounds by the French Artist Mr. Cedric Delsaux. His photos are so amazing that I wish one of the series in the future will be based in Dubai like "Mission Impossible 4". I hope these photos of Star wars in Dubai city background will encourage major block busters movies directors including such as next part of "Transformers" to be directed in Dubai.

Take a look at these Star Wars photos in Dubai:

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Abu Dhabi's Saadiyat Island Documentary

Abu Dhabi The Capital of United Arab Emirates. Occupy the largest land mass in United Arab Emirates with some islands along the Arabian Gulf sea.

Saadiyat Island is a unique island which will be developed and turn into the Art and culture Centre and main tourists attractions. Hope the documentary will enlight more details.

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Friday, July 8, 2011

Dubai Friendly Roads / Streets


New page added, unique content about Dubai Pedestrian friendly Roads and Streets. Still more updates to follow.

Hope you will find useful, your comments are welcome.

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Dubai Friendly Roads / Streets — Dubai travel guide useful city information

Dubai Road Safety - Takecare

  Dubai: Al Dhiyafa Street towards Union House. Photo HJaberi- points2deliver

Dubai police and Road & Transport Authority trying their best to educated roads users , drivers and pedestrian alike on how to stay safe on the roads. Sometimes ago, the Sheikh Zayed highway was like a Death road.

Many users use this highways to places and community such as to Jumeirah, Safa, Dubai Internet City, Al Quz industrial area, Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali Free port and many other busy business communities along side of Sheikh Zayed Road, and last not list those who travel to Abu Dhabi and upto Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, all use this road.
   Dubai - Business bay road towards Business Bay Bridge. Photo: H Jaberi- points2deliver

So You can imagine how many users use only this major highway. Many accidents happened in the past and still minor happening. Dubai Traffic introduce more than 100 radars just along this one highway. Speed limit set to 100Km/HR. Speed limits and fasten seat belts are laws that must followed all the time.

Roads safety awareness in United Arab Emirates is priority and promoted all the time. Dubai Traffic are uptodate to catch any reckless drivers on the roads of Dubai.
   Abu Dhabi Airport Road - photo credit H Jaberi - points2deliver

Driving in Dubai can be tough at first but when you get use to it and knows all the highways and never ending roads constructions, you will be ok. Stay safe and drive safely.

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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dubai: City of Gold

Dubai is known as the 'City of Gold' and for good reason. The fastest growing gold business centre in the world, Dubai imports on more than 400 tons of gold yearly from Asia, far East and from all the major gold world market.

Inside Dubai Mall, the gold souk Area.

Dubai's gold quality and designs are famous, which are very impressive in different varieties of stylish designs to select from. The major contributor for Dubai to be successful in gold industry is free trade zone facilities, so there is not much taxes or customs duties are charged and that makes Dubai the best city to buy, trade gold and other jewelery .

"Trade in the gold souk grew during the 1940s due to Dubai's free trade policies which encouraged entrepreneurs from India and Iran to set up stores in the souk.  Despite a general slump in the global gold market." WikiPedia.  Therefore, Dubai has a long history in Gold trade even before the oil boom and tourism sector.  It become the major trade route  for many goods including gold in the19th century. Dubai port played major role in this business. 

The first ever gold souk in Dubai started in Deira near the main bus terminal right after the Shindagha tunnel on the right side. After renovation the Dubai's famous Gold Souk in Deira side is one of the largest gold retail shops line up in the world.  It is believed to be started around early 1900's with just few iron smiths and Gold retailers. Then after the free trade free zone came into effect in around 1940's and 50's, more Gold smiths, gold retailers and business itself boom. As results, many shops opened at the same area, so that time Dubai government decided to make official "souk" which is Arabic word and in English means "market", at that time wooden covered and design were build around the souk to give even more souk feelings and texture. 

Since then, more and more shops were open and rapid expansion of Gold Souk in Dubai in together with Oil boom,  more expansion of Gold Souk took place in different years since 70s. Gold shops grew from 50 retails shops to more than 300 retailers and wholesaler; all these shops are just accommodated in L shape are and surroundings areas. Shops renovated and regularly updated to meet international standards and not to loose Arabic culture Souk designs. On each narrow alleys of the souk there shops and on top covered by wooden roof with big fans to cool down visitors and workers who constantly moving around. These wooden designs keep the spirit which resemble of old Arabian souk streets. 

Safety and Security:
Each shop equipped with latest security systems including cams. These security systems are connected directly with Dubai Police. Mind you there non uniforms police patrols scattered around the Gold Souk. Anyone try to sell Gold, a security officer will be called to confirm the identity of the seller. Security in these areas are excellent. 

Other Gold Souks:
Well, you can find almost same design of Souk in Bur Dubai side, the other side of the creek, with gold shops line up.  Other in Karama, Satwa and in shopping malls.  Most of the Gold shops you will noticed are line up close to each other.

Gold and Diamond Park:
In recent times, you can say the advanced Dubai Souk came up and more new gold shopping souks were built such as Gold and Diamond Park along the Sheikh Zayed Road and others in different areas around Dubai.

Gold and Diamond Park add more texture to Dubai to be truly city of Gold. Dubai reputation in Gold & jewelery is becoming even more strong among the visitors, residence and tourists.   The park area is huge and accommodate different facilities in Gold and jewelry business. Also act as Free Zone, duty free zone and including 100% foreign ownership. So the Gold and Diamond Park is a competitive place for shoppers and best place for manufacturers and retailers. Fully backed up by the government, with 24-hour security.  

All facilities are available for Gold craftsmen to perform their work. Also the location is centrally located right in the business center of Dubai. The park only offer the highest standard quality of gold and diamonds, also visitors have opportunity to learn more about gold and how the designs are made. 

Gold Souk Locations in Dubai 
Deira Gold & Spice Souk:
Location: Creekside, Deira
Open hours: 9am-1pm and 4-10pm, Fridays 4-10pm

Bur Dubai Gold Souk:
Location: Opposite Bank of Baroda, 34th Street from Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai
Timings: 9am-1pm & 4-10pm. Fridays 4-10pm

Satwa Gold Souk:
Location: After the bus terminal toward Satwa R/A
Timings: 9am - 1pm and 5pm - 10pm

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Where to stay in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

discount hotels in dubai
United Arab Emirates (UAE) hospitality industry keep growing. By end of 2020 expected to receive more than 20 millions visitors per year.   

When you visit UAE, the city of Dubai, there are more than 250 hundreds hotels to choose from, from the budgeted hotel to the very best luxury hotels. Also consider the location too, but with Metro in place, there is no need to worry as long as you have the right info to guide and which Dubai metro line to use and visit all attractions that Dubai have to offer you during your stay.

Choice is yours.
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- Dubai Hotels from 2 to 5 stars Hotels, find out here.

Access over 2 million hotel deals of travel sites from over 220 countries, 39 languages, and 120 currencies.  Easily find the best price and availability from all travel websites at once. You will find not from any other site other than:

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Fly Dubai - Most economically Air travel

As visitors increased to and from Dubai years after years, the budget airline are the next major player in air travel business such as Fly Dubai. This airline in the meantime operates only in some gulf countries, Middle east, Africa and some of Asian countries.

More new destinations will be added. Those destinations to Russia from Dubai direct flights. Also flight to Kiev, Ufa, Dammam, Hyderabad and Kharkiv are available. Dubai is a major tourist and residence who work in Dubai from other countries and therefore, such airlines are indeed helpful and nicreases competition with major airlines such as Etihad, Emirates and even Air Arabia, which is also a budget airline from UAE - Dubai.

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UAE Summer Short Vacation: From the advanced cool city of skyscrapers to the beautiful mountainous landscape and beaches.

If you have time in UAE - Dubai, you don't have to stuck in the city, UAE have lots to offer either in Summer or winter. Tired of traffic chaos? crowded malls and city?, high rise towers?, you want to relax and feels the Arabian peninsula nature?. with fresh air and calm?  well you can find out more from below Blog:  Enjoy And Thanks, your comments are most welcome. 

Dubai, UAE: The New World Landmark: UAE Summer Short Vacation: From the advanced cool city of skyscrapers to the beautiful mountainous landscape and beaches.

Shaikh Zayed Mosque: The grandest of them all

Sheikh Mohammad Al Maktoum visits art exhibit in Dubai

On 2nd July 2011, His Highness Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rahid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and Rule of Dubai, visited Dr. Farhad Farjam, the owner of Farjam Art Collections a rare exhibition of Islamic masterpieces. 

Islamic Art preservation and others are tasks that cannot be done by anyone. Arts professional and lovers find their new home in Dubai. Every year and months there is art exhibition is held somewhere in Dubai, either in the villa, hotel, halls or even at the empty warehouse.

It is encouraged art in Dubai and even one day you may find Higher figures of the Emirates visit the Art Exhibition.  Also Global Art Forums are held in Dubai, discussion ranging from culture debate and discussions.  

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Abu Dhabi: F1 track simulator of Yas Marina circuit

Yas Marinai Abu Dhabi ; then Formula Track , one of the best in the Middle East. In this Video simulator will take you the track of Yas Marina. Sorry it is not in English.

F1 track simulator of Yas Marina circuit -

Friday, July 1, 2011

Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel - Photos

More choices of where to stay in Dubai. Hotels and more Hotels. Palazzo Versace soon in Dubai. There are more than 200 hundreds hotels in Dubai from 7 stars to 2 stars, from the room rate per night of about Dhs120 to Dhs 35,000.  Most of the hotels offers with cheap rates are in between June to September where the tourist season in Dubai and UAE is low. 

While High season with no speacial offers for hotel room rates starts from October to March, this is very high peak season for tourists and visitors including businessmen, attendees for different events in Dubai.

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First look at Palazzo Versace Dubai Hotel - Photos 1 -

Dubai will be first location for Fashion Hotel concept

Dubai Leading in Fashion industry among the other fashion industries in the Gulf Region. To make even more interesting and attract investors in fashion and designers around the world, it will features 60-storey Fashion Tower.

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Visas in the UAE

Many confused about UAE visa and particularly those who seek to visit Dubai. But for those nationalities who can apply directly with Emirates Airlines no need to worry much.
I find out some of the visitors are using hotels from Dubai to book Dubai visit visa for them , and charges can be high too, if you are not aware of this. From below article from Gulf News, you can get details of types of visa and charges. But mind you that visa rules and procedures are updated time to time.

You can read more from below link:
gulfnews : Visas in the UAE