Saturday, September 1, 2012

Dubai First Time:What 2 Expect on your first visit

Always first visit can be exciting, difficult to arrange where to visit, confusing if self travel without tour guide and most important a culture shock for those who never visited Middle East before. 

So it may not be enough to arrange your next planned visit to Dubai located in UAE for 3 days or less. There are lots of places to explore, and each one of them is bigger than the other. You will need to take into consideration where you will stay too.  There are different areas / communities to stay and where the most of the tourists attractions are located, you will need to know this in advance.

Save on taxi fare and take advantage of Dubai Metro, both red line and green line. You can read more about Dubai Metro here

Choose wisely which month you will visit Dubai, high season (winter ) October - March or Low season May - Sept. (Summer).  Both seasons are enjoyable to visit.

Oct - March:  Hotels rates are at higher level, lots of activities happen, you will enjoy outdoors activities, crowded places during the weekend.

May - Sept.: You will enjoy less summer hotel offer rates, you will miss outdoor activities, too much hot, but still you can enjoy indoor activities at the major bigger shopping malls, including indoor local markets souks, summer surprises activities and more. 

So no matter which month you will visit Dubai, you will enjoy. Just start with a good plan, where to stay, budget, and where to visit. Important search about local customs too and Do's / Don'ts in Dubai. 
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