Sunday, October 7, 2012

UAE Emiratization - Starts from Top to Down

I know how important for the country to have all school, university or college leavers to get job in their own country, and I cannot stress enough how the UAE government give priority for this issue.

We all respect and support young UAE generation that is more open minded and educated to get well paid job and climb the career ladder.  And I'm sure there out there some UAE nationals who can hold highest posts in well known Government run companies instead of foreigners.

Yes, we all need a good most experience employee to hold such high posts as CEO, CEOA, AOO, and whatever you can call it or is known out there, but my point for such posts in a Government run company is better to be from the own soil and blood of UAE, and foreigner as can be as "Advisor"

Read below articles you will find top position is not what we expect.

And so many others top posts, I hope soon will come a time, such posts can be run by UAE Nationals.

I predict in less than ten years time UAE can have Cheap labour from Europe same like what it used to get from other East and Asian countries.  

World is circle around and spinning and I think world will change from those what so called "first World" will be 2nd or 3rd and those so called "third world" will be first.

Ask anyone at present how is the economy in Europe and USA/Canada,,,NOT GOOD....So why they still deserve to get more when arrive and work in UAE?

God Bless UAE.

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