Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Dubai and Hollywood - First Mission: Impossible Trailer Online | Movie News | Empire

The first movie filmed in part of Dubai and at the tip of Burj Khalifa, current tallest tower in Dubai is Mission Impossible 4 : The Ghost protocol. Film maker from Hollywood keep finding new landmarks around the world for their next big movie and Dubai was perfect choice.

When release in December 2011, Dubai The New World Landmark will impress millions of viewers around the world when watching the mission impossible movie featuring all time favorites actor Tom Cruise. At the end of the trailer from link below, you will see how the Burj Al Khalifa shinnig and so perfectly focus in the camera and your screen. Imagine when you will see on big screen, wow, Burj Khalifa in Dubai will never be the same again.

Indeed Dubai manage to invest itself by allowing such a mega film to be shoot at the Burj Khalifa and in Dubai. As I said Dubai is the New World's Landmark and anyone
will not want to miss the opportunity to visit this great City.

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Watch Trailer from Below link:
First Mission: Impossible Trailer Online | Movie News | Empire
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