Sunday, June 26, 2011

UAE tourism sector set to double in 14 years

Downtown Burj Khalifa & Souk Bahar
Photo credit : H Jaberi - points2deliver

When I read the article appeared in 13th June 2011, from Emirates News - 24/7 caught my attention. Tourism in UAE will even grow further in coming years. And that is exactly the plan of UAE government the country to be one of the best preferred tourist destination in the world.  I traveled around the world, and anyone if asked me, where you come from, if I reply I came from UAE, it seems no one knows much about it, but as soon as I mentioned "Dubai" they immediately know where I come from.

This news about tourism in UAE to double means that, more and more visitors will mark UAE as their next tour destination. Also More Choices of attractions to visit when one visit Dubai, it is difficult for visitors to decide about their travel plan and where to visit during their tour in UAE, in the city of Dubai, Abu Dhabi or other emirates.  And world wide web offer millions of websites about information on UAE and Dubai in particular.  Users as results manipulated to get information from 2nd party or third, instead direct from the source.  Most of the websites will never give you direct websites of the information you seek about Dubai, UAE. Instead, they will transfer users to 2nd party either to get more confirmation, booking for tours, booking hotels and other info.  Why I will need to book a hotel from the the 2nd party instead to book directly with the hotel?

Anyway, I think this is a good news about tourism increase in the future for tour operators, hotels, shopping malls, tour websites and other tour activities that will be benefited from the influx of millions of UAE visitors. 

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