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Dubai-UAE Weather - Freak Weather Or We freak Nature?

MAMZAR - Dubai/Sharjah Border - copyrighted @Hassan Al Jabri

Once upon a time, about hundred years ago, United Arab Emirates was part of the long desert stretched from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait to Hatta and Mountain region of Ras Al Khaimah and Dibba. Blessed with Sea water from the Arabian Gulf (Ruwais, Abu Dhabi, Jebel Ali, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Um Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah) and partly Indian Ocean (Fujairah side).

Abu Dhabi - Cloudy rainy day.  Copyrighted @Hassan Al Jabri

Just semi arid desert nothing else other than few habitats from here and there scattered around the region. Rich with petrol buried deep in the desert of western region and oasis surround by green vegetation in Al Ain Area and Hatta.  

How was the weather? Well, first let me explain this, weather trend and changes are not faster like human development in the last 100 years, I'm telling you, we human develop and grow knowledge much faster than nature.  Why I said that?.  Means whatever weather you R experienced now in UAE, if in Dubai or Abu Dhabi or anywhere in the country in any month, is natural and it keep happening for a long time back with few differential in amount and power of the either sandstorm or high wind and thunderstorms. 

Dubai - Cloudy Clear Day - copyrighted @Hassan Al Jabri

So no matter how we developed in our surroundings, with high rise towers and highest tower in the world such as Burj Khalifa, fancy buildings, man made islands such as The palms, excellent road networks, metro, biggest shopping malls, expensive cars, and lots of other development that happened in just 40 years in UAE, the weather will be the same like 100 years ago and I say again will be "A Desert like weather". We cannot change that.

Abu Dhabi towers. copyrighted @Hassan Al Jabri

Particularly sandstorms, two times I witnessed serious sandstorm with total darkness in Dubai. One was near Dubai Mall, Burj Khalifa, it was clear afternoon day, drove out from the mall towards Business Bay Bridge road, within a minute the road covered with minute sand as result reduce the vision dramatically, where it came from ? I have no idea.   

Another one, when I was inside Jebel Ali Free Zone driving around looking for the office that I supposed to go.  It was at around 120:00pm clear and sunny, then suddenly windy, and in one minute I could not even drive or see the road in front of me. 

Dubai: Sunset. copyrighted@Hassan Al Jabri

In short, It happened a lot during the summer season (May - Sept) and lets not forget "Humidity" I called it "Natural Sauna" - You want to sweat without sweating hard work or run, just stand outside in the month of July or Aug - at Night , yes night time and you will start to sweat all over - some days are very humid. 

So if someone new in Dubai, and do not know the history of the nature of this area, will be surprised, how in the city well developed with some areas partly green experience such weather. 

Tip of Burj Khalifa Dubai in clear day. Copyrighted@HassanJabri

Same in winter season (Oct-March) Dubai - UAE receive sometimes a good share of rainfall, some years hailstorms and temp at night can drop to 1degree in the desert region.  Is very chilly, at night in the open areas for the month of Dec - Feb and even March. 

 One year I celebrated New Year Eve in the Desert, with all activities prepared for us, but everyone was looking for a hot drink and covered with jacket.

So It is nothing freaky about the weather here in UAE other than just normal region weather, sometimes sandstorm, followed by rain and thunderstorms, or just windy.

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