Saturday, August 13, 2011

Travelers rank Dubai's worst hotels - What's all this fuss about?

One of the major news sources reported this recently, and to my surprises, everyone just tweets to their followers, other are major news sources too. Is it right? just to tweets whatever we hear and read?

Personally, Am not against anything, but for sure those ten hotels names mentioned in the report will be really pissed off. to learn that their hotel rates worse just based on reviews from "Trip advisor" (TA). Honest sometimes we tend to forget ourselves and to depend too much on some website that build their names out of other people reviews and says, instead of doing our own research too. Do you think I will care much of who ever one says in "Trip Advisor"? nope. I know TA done excellent job on their website and they help a lots of customers, but I guarantee you no one is perfect. I myself member in TA and I participate to reply some of travelers to Dubai in the forum though I'm not much active as other members, who are like full time job for them to reply to all never ending questions from travelers.

eviews can be based on so many facts and I do agree it will give some kind of picture about the hotel that is reviewed. But I'm against depending on one website and to categorize these 10 hotels in Dubai as a worse one without even consulting those hotels about those reviews about them.

Don't we all deserve equal rights and opportunities? As I'm traveler myself, I know what kind of hotel I will be stay as per budget, and my standard, and I believe each one of us do that. So some travelers used to stay 5 star hotels , and other years cant afford to stay in one, and also at the same time dont want to miss opportunity to visit Dubai, as result they will book less stars hotels. Do you expect to receive some services as they used to have before? No. Some travelers have issue with management or one person at the hotel and when go back home will start to write bad review about that hotel.

Sure I did experience myself bad services / delays / facilities at the hotel but is that will make worse hotel? In short the worse hotel for you is the 5 stars for others. Questions is before you send review to TP, ask yourself, did you stay in the right hotel, according to your budget and standard?

As for the news reporters, stop based your reports on one source only, how you will feel if your news company reported is the worse one based on reviews from one source. And also other media, please, do not tweets for the sake of tweet and getting more followers, review first what you tweet to your followers.

I'am not a professional writer but I hope you got my point. Please stick with your standards when you travel and research more, do not depend on one source.  You're also welcome to ask us too about Dubai and UAE in General for your next visit, but still research more and stick with the best info you have. 

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