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UAE cinema box office may reach low by 80% in Ramadan - You Know why?

In Any majority Muslim population country during Ramadan, most of activities are at the lowest this including in UAE, Dubai or any other cities in the country. You know why this happen in Ramadan?
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I Will tell you in a moment, just want to mention that most of the Cinema operators in UAE from their experience of operating this business here, they know that in the month of Ramadan, they are less movie goers. And as result, hardly you can find new releases happening in this month. Big screen is one of the favorites meeting place in Dubai mostly by young generations and older alike.  There not less than 100 cinemas halls in Dubai follow by Abu Dhabi then other cities.  

Each major shopping malls have more screens than the other. For example Reels Cinema in Dubai Mall have 22 screens, another major cinema operator in UAE is Grand Cinemas, they have more than 15 locations across the country, each one not more than 10 screens, and also another newly addition of cinemas is VOX cinemas also located in different malls in Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

All am trying here is to give you a picture of the cinema business in UAE which become so famous, that there is no any new mall is complete without a movie screens, and in month of Ramadan business is slow.

From my experience as a Muslim, I call Ramadan is a month of Miracle. More people attend the prayers in the mosque than any other months, more helping hand, less crimes, less sins, less so many other activities that one can do in normal months.  As for movies, since we are kids, our parents teach us not to go to any movies in the month of Ramadan and not to listen to any music, and this become habit over time. Although no one will stop to go to the movie, even if Muslim, still you can go to the movie, but honest it feel different and no taste. I used to listen to the music while I drive and sometimes if there is a music play that I like, I tend to increase the volume.  But in Ramadan, I don't do that for 30 days. 

But after Ramadan, and that is during the Eid Holidays, all cinemas are fully booked in all showing times in UAE for almost all three days during the Eid holidays and business booming again.  That is the time also they try to release new movies too.  I know some people never going to the movies only during the Eid Holidays.  

I love Ramadan as after that it gives you sense of celebration that no one can ever feels until done or been there.  Just imagine after one month you will be able to eat during the day, that's why there is EID celebration, for me I will enjoy the music while I drive, and experience that feeling of watching a movie again in a big screen. 

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You can read more about the UAE Cinema and Ramadan from link  below:
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