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Is UAE to be all year around high tourist destination?

High tourist season for the main Cities of UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi is from the month of October to March, that is the winter season for this part of the world, the highest temp estimate upto 27Degree and Lowest can reach 4degree at night in the desert areas.

The enjoyable months for outdoor activities, that is the time where live open concert are held outdoors, also outdoor activities, such as beach football competitions, most of Dubai and Abu Dhabi parks and beaches are full of visitors enjoying the weather and the beach. Most of the conferences and events are held too during this period. Such as Commercial events, air shows, Gitex, and many others. Is the Marathons season too. Such as Dubai Creek Striders, Dubai creek Half Marathon and full Dubai Marathon where runners all over the world attending in January. Also another famous yearly event in Ras Al Khaimah, RAK Half Marathon which is the best too in UAE. Abu Dhabi also host Half Marathon.

Hotels, Malls, water theme parks, attractions all become active and full of life. The most major event of all is Dubai Shopping Festival for the full month. Saying that, we know that low season is from April to September. Temp High upto 50's degree and very warm with high humidity, dusty wind, and a chance of Tropical storms in recent times. So who want to visit the country in such condition?

Well, just this year Dubai's hotels out performed the region hotels by high occupancy rates in June. In Abu Dhabi too.  The main reason is that, there is nothing impossible in UAE to make your stay in the country, safe, cool and enjoyable no matter the weather condition. Important here is safety, UAE is the safest place you can be in than in any other countries. 

So in Summer, you can visit the shopping malls, which some of them are huge and you can even spend the whole day in one shopping mall, there are air conditioned souks in Dubai so you do not have to go to Spicy Souk or Mena Bazaar in Bur Dubai, those you may miss although you still can visit if you can bare the humidity, which at night or sunset not bad. But the souks we are talking about are such as those at Madinat Jumeirah and Souk Al Bahar in downtown Dubai near Burj Khalifa.   Also another major attraction is Dubai Summer Surprises and Abu Dhabi too have their own summer festival. 

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