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Introduction Dubai 2050 City Of Gold Survivors A short fiction story 
Book for young adults:
All rights reserved ©Hassan Al Jabri 2012
Far far away, in year 2050, there was a community by the name of Attah near the base of lightening Attah mountain, that's how it was named by the survivors from the community. It was partly green with fresh water rock pools and streams by the base of the mountain. The mountain is a rocky- like structure near the top and on its other side is a vast landscape covered only by sand dune and desert.
Is about the community of survivors from a major disaster that occurred back in 2014 somewhere in the Middle East. A major blast wave wiped out everything on the surface of the once so called city of gold followed by the tsunami which buried the city under the sea. Since then there was un-usual weather and magnetic shades all around the skies.
Out of a half- million city dwellers only about 120 survived, these are so called first generation of survivors who had all lost their memories and knew nothing of their past. The new generation of survivors known as second generation of survivors are those born after the disaster.
The story of city of gold survivors is about the those who survived for more than 35 years of isolation from the rest of the world and in the Year 2050 a major event taking place where the past and finally the city itself is realized.

MAIN CHARACTERS in the story:

ZED   youngest first-generation survivor on this land, born before the 2014 disaster. He was of Arab origin, with a long nose, dark black hair, and a light scar on his right eyelid. He was an intelligent young man, adventurous, and a natural leader.

JUNIOR   was a well-built young black man and a second generation survivor who was born after the 2014 disaster. He had short hair and smooth skin and was creative, a good team work member, and a fast thinker. He made lots of useful tools out of otherwise useless bits of metal and other junk.

AZIM was of mixed origin – Indian, with light brown skin and black hair, he was both skinny and tall. He used to trade items with other survivors, and was not as adventurous as Junior or Zed. He was quite solitary, and helped with his father’s business

HOOD,  European origin, was a first generation survivor. He had suffered a severe injury on the right side of his face that left a scar from eye to cheek. He raised ZED from childhood, he is considered a leader in the community. 

      VASAN was Indian in origin, first generation survivor and had sustained a serious injury on his left leg, preventing him from walking straight. Though no one knew the value of gold, Vasan kept whatever gold he found, and even asked for it in exchange for medical services. He was known as a special kind of doctor, with the power to identify an illness by just touching and feeling the palm of a patient.  

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Hassan Al Jabri - Author - Dubai2050-City of Gold Survivors
Hassan Al Jabri
Dubai Book Reviews — Dubai travel guide useful city information
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