Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Abu Dhabi - Al Bateen Beach — Away From Traffics & High rise towers

Four years ago I used to jog and training for marathons at Al Bateen area in Abu Dhabi, sometimes alone and other times with Abu Dhabi striders. 

Also once in a while driving with family and park our car near the un-official beach, where people just park their cars here and there on the sand and nearby concrete ground,  no showers and no toilets.  But still you will find residence swim either alone or with family. 
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  I was so impressed with changes that took place within just two years.  Al Bateen Beach in Abu Dhabi changed for good.  The beach is public one, clean, all necessary facilities available such as showers , toilets, kiosks for refreshments, life guards, security, kids playgrounds and best of all for me is the parking. 

You park your car and you can see beach infront of you, this is totally different than the one at Corniche where you cannot find any parking facilities near the beach. 

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