Saturday, July 23, 2011

Jeddah, Dubai hotel occupancy rates soar in June - Travel & Hospitality

Well, am not surprised, as many visitors are from nearby countries and they find no reason to travel so far to enjoy their holidays. Many years ago one cannot find facilities to enjoy their holiday either in Dubai or Jeddah. But I will refer more to Dubai, Once no much hotels choices to choose from, less shopping malls, no major attractions, less road networks and public transportation.

But at present, I can say Dubai is all year round destination. There are more than 200 hotels to select from two to seven stars hotels, choice is yours. Many major attractions are in place and the one stand tall is Burj Khalifa. Many major shopping malls, where one can visit and enjoy all day in the mall, road network are in place and still improving, public transportation is everywhere, from Dubai Metro, public buses, taxis and water taxis and soon tram will be introduce around the city.

Heat in summer or not, there is no reason if you can not to visit Dubai - UAE.

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