Monday, July 11, 2011

Star Wars in Dubai?

    Dubai skyline. Photo credit Hasan Al Jaberi

Dubai is one of the city in the world which is still young and keep growing with new attractions every few months. Dubai managed to bring something new, and as a human nature once in a while needs to experience, hear or see something new in life. This is including even change of leaders in any country.

Movies industries directors and now even artists all target Dubai for their next block buster movies / arts. Star wars the most famous and long time series also already depicted with Dubai city backgrounds by the French Artist Mr. Cedric Delsaux. His photos are so amazing that I wish one of the series in the future will be based in Dubai like "Mission Impossible 4". I hope these photos of Star wars in Dubai city background will encourage major block busters movies directors including such as next part of "Transformers" to be directed in Dubai.

Take a look at these Star Wars photos in Dubai:
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