Sunday, July 17, 2011

No expat quotas for UAE, says Dubai Police chief

Time of confusion rush in, when one looking for a job in any of the Gulf countries, and while in recent times we keep hearing about Emiratization, Saudization or Omanization, these all terms came up when Government insisted that priority to hire citizen on any jobs that they qualified and perform well in public and in private sectors.
Saudi Arabia implemented tougher rules such as introduce quotas to be met for private to hire Saudi Nationals or else facing heavy penalties. But good news that UAE will not follow that according to the Head of Dubai Police. UAE economy and country progress in many fields more than any GCC country second to Qatar now. So keeping such tough rules to private sectors, will hinder the progress, is either not enough UAE National to take over the job or less qualified to perform the job. Any country should keep priority to their citizens to be hired first, it is not right to see qualified citizens are jobless while jobs are filled with experts. 

Since UAE economy and progress is on going, more Jobs in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi or any other cities will still be created and will be available for both UAE Nationals and Experts to fill in. In a long run, jobs in Dubai, UAE will increases and more workforce will be required to fill in. It is true many were affected by the last economy crisis, and left the UAE , but that is the part of life, ups and downs, so when all those who enjoyed and forget themselves and spent thousands from the salaries which they earn while working in Dubai or any other part of the UAE, and some of them even do not deserve to earn such huge monthly income, will immediately start to curse the country and forget where they come from and how they were in good times while in UAE.

No matter what you heard and what happened, do not under estimate your chance of being hired in UAE as an expert. Life is about taking a chance, and what a chance will be if one getting a good job in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, or from any other Emirates. Good Luck.

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