Friday, July 8, 2011

Dubai Road Safety - Takecare

  Dubai: Al Dhiyafa Street towards Union House. Photo HJaberi- points2deliver

Dubai police and Road & Transport Authority trying their best to educated roads users , drivers and pedestrian alike on how to stay safe on the roads. Sometimes ago, the Sheikh Zayed highway was like a Death road.

Many users use this highways to places and community such as to Jumeirah, Safa, Dubai Internet City, Al Quz industrial area, Dubai Marina, Jebel Ali Free port and many other busy business communities along side of Sheikh Zayed Road, and last not list those who travel to Abu Dhabi and upto Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and Kuwait, all use this road.
   Dubai - Business bay road towards Business Bay Bridge. Photo: H Jaberi- points2deliver

So You can imagine how many users use only this major highway. Many accidents happened in the past and still minor happening. Dubai Traffic introduce more than 100 radars just along this one highway. Speed limit set to 100Km/HR. Speed limits and fasten seat belts are laws that must followed all the time.

Roads safety awareness in United Arab Emirates is priority and promoted all the time. Dubai Traffic are uptodate to catch any reckless drivers on the roads of Dubai.
   Abu Dhabi Airport Road - photo credit H Jaberi - points2deliver

Driving in Dubai can be tough at first but when you get use to it and knows all the highways and never ending roads constructions, you will be ok. Stay safe and drive safely.

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